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The cunning use of flags

Hello? *echoes*

Why do we never use this??????

the procrastin8or is re-vamped

Just so you know I cleaned up the journal and its profile a bit just in case we do use it again sometime soon. Whatever for though I have not a clue. Suggestions?

Reminder: AIM Chat 9pm tomorrow

We shall remember



You can't procrastinate something if you never do it ever! So post, darn it!

Issue #1

January 1, 2005

Happy New Year!

Although I have procrastinated on acquiring my LJ account since summer break (if you need to know who I am, toss me an email), now that I have it, I have resolved for the new year to make certain that we procrastinate on the procrastinator no longer ... you can expect weekly updates from one of your esteemed (lazy) authors. See y'all on January 8!

Yo. What up my guppies!

Does this look like a good start?

Who all is going to go to July Jamm with Josh O., Corby, and myself? Anyone else?